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How can I add a dependency via MWS


Issue: I would like to add job dependencies when I submit a job into MWS.


Solution: When you submit the job use type or resourceManagerExtension":"x=depend:afterok:Moab.74"

Represents the type of a job dependency. For now, only the "set" type is supported.

Example payload:  [{"type": "set", "name": "123", "value": null}]


When MWS was being developed it was done so with virtual containers in mind so the dependence type "set" was the only one supported. No other type is supported at this time. With that said you can submit the job dependencies via the "resourceManagerExtension" attribute and have it work as normal.


  "commandFile": "/tmp/test.sh",
  "initialWorkingDirectory": "/tmp",
  "credentials":   { "group": "fred", "user": "fred" },
  "requirements": [{"taskCount": 2}],



Jira: WS-2404


See documenataion: MWS Job dependencies 


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