What does AvgQH mean from showstats?

Issue: What does AvgQH mean from showstats?

          Average queue time (in hours) of jobs.
In my case here are the results:
[user@moab ~]$ showstats -g user -t 1:00:00:00
statistics initialized Thu Oct 22 00:00:00
         |------ Active ------|------------------------------------ Completed -----------------------------------|
group     Jobs Procs ProcHours   Jobs    %    PHReq    %    PHDed    %   FSTgt   AvgXF  MaxXF  AvgQH  Effic  WCAcc
user       0     0      0.00     95 100.00   7.02 100.00   7.03 100.00 -----    2.16   4.27   0.01   0.15 100.00
When a job completes Moab adds that job's total queue time to the total for each of the job's credentials .You should be able to see a loglevel 3 statement at the end of each job of the format:
"INFO:     job '%18s' completed.  QueueTime: %6ld  RunTime: %6ld  Accuracy: %5.2f  XFactor: %5.2f\n",
Moab will take this total and divide it by the total number of jobs and then divide that by 3600 (number of seconds in an hour) and that is how it gets that number
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2015-10-23 17:01
Jason Booth
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