What was resolved in the Moab Workload Manager 9.1.0 release?

The following list are items that were resolved in Moab v9.1.0 release:

  • Moab was not reporting the correct task count for jobs that allocate ALLPROCS 
  • The systemd file generated with the --prefix option was not using the specified path
  • systemd was terminating the active Moab server instead of the local Moab server
  • Scheduler Analysis Block Reasons section displayed duplicate messages
  • Task count was incorrect when requesting generic resource scheduling (GRES) on the global node.
  • Moab block messages were not always informative
  • If jobs with a custom name were canceled, subsequent jobs with a similar custom name failed
  • Jobs were rejected when requesting NUMA resources and NODEACCESSPOLICY=SINGLEJOB
  • msub did not allow you to specify a working directory, as with qsub -w <path>
  • The class of GPU jobs that request more than one task was not being mapped correctly
  • DPROC was not being calculated correctly on GPU jobs
  • mcredctl was not reporting variables in credentials
  • Jobs place on hold or batchhold were not being correctly recognized as being on hold
  • Requeuing a job that was restarting caused it to be canceled
  • Requesting a node's name as a feature prevents other jobs from getting that node. Jobs that request node names as features will now be placed on hold
  • Issues reported for groups, users, and accounts with spaces in the name. Enabled SCHEDCFG[] FLAGS=AllowCredentialsWithSpaces to let Moab ignore POSIX standards and allow groups, users, and accounts with spaces in the name
  • Jobs with the "AFTER" dependency were not auto-cancelling
  • Job ID collisions were occurring in a grid environment
  • Fixed issue with multi-req jobs and "EnforceReservedNodes"
  • In a Master/Slave grid configuration, the Master Moab did not honor the TTL attribute of jobs running on the slave node
  • mdiag -C gave an error when specifying an SRCFG GRES resource.

Source: http://docs.adaptivecomputing.com/9-1-0/releaseNotes/help.htm#topics/releaseNotes/resolvedIssues.htm%3FTocPath%3DMoab%2520HPC%2520Suite%2520Release%2520Notes%7C_____5

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