Moab will not start, displays "Invalid license file for current host"

Issue: Moab will not start, and displays "Invalid license file for current host"

Affected Versions: All


Trying to start Moab you get the following error:

rootatMachineA ~# /etc/init.d/moab start

Starting moab: Invalid license file for current host - ''
Please contact Adaptive Computing for assistance
Moab will now exit


If you run "cat $MOABHOMEDIR/moab.lic", you will see a line that says which host it is authorized for. Our observation is that the value returned by the "hostname" command must match the server name in the license file.


  1. Get the hostname the license expects (cat $MOABHOMEDIR/moab.lic)
  2. Change your hostname to match that value (hostname <name>)
  3. Start/restart Moab (moab)

You may then contact Adaptive Computing for an updated license with the correct name, or change the necessary files for the new name to persist across reboots (/etc/sysconfig/network, /etc/hostname, /etc/hosts, and so on, as the OS dictates).

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2017-06-14 18:09
Jason Booth
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