How can I provide users with more than job ID on submission?

Issue: Need to provide relevant information to user from submit filter


Affected Version: Versions 8.13, 9.0.1 and later


Problem: Admins would like to have more information provided to users when a job is submitted. By default, Moab only displayed the job name when a job is submitted.


Solution: A new XML element is now recognized by Moab in the XML returned from the submit filter. This flag allows the submit filter writer to specify a message to be provided to the user.


The need for this arose from the DataWarp project. The DataWarp submit filter creates additional storage jobs, but on a busy system, there is no way to predict what those job numbers might be. Often they are the job numbers just prior to the user’s job number, which is what Moab displays by default. Additionally, the user’s job number is not known at the time the submit filter runs, so it presented a problem.


An enhancement was made to Moab shich easily fixes this. The submit filter can now add an element to define the output format, and Moab will format the output accordingly, substituting the first occurance of the string %s with the user’s job number. This also allows for presenting the user with information consistent with Moab’s data staging.


So, for example, if an administrator would like to provide help to novice users, a simple submit filter might be crafted with the following element:

    <OutputFormat>Run 'checkjob -v %s' for job status.</OutputFormat>

After a "msub", instead of seeing something like Moab.3332, the user would see "Run 'checkjob -v Moab.3332' for job status".

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2018-04-04 16:23
Rob Greenbank
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