Why is Moab not responding to client commands.

Issue: Why is Moab not responding to client commands.

Affected Versions: 7.2.x, 8.0.x 8.1.x

Symptom: When running client commands the command times out. Jobs appear to still be running however Moab just is not servicing client commands as often as I need.

Solution: There are several variable to consider for a cluster the is unresponsive to client commands. I will apptemps to address a few of the most common ones below.

Client commands hang and timeout without every getting a reply from the server.
Try setting (moab.cfg):

CLIENTUIPORT            41560

In other cases the resource manager may be slow to start jobs. Use the ASYNCSTART flag. This flag tells Moab to optomystically start a job. Without this flag Moab will wait for confirmation that the job has started before starting the next job.

Additionaly confier using THREADEDQUERIES (8.1.0 and up). When this flag is set for an individual RM, the queries that Moab performs to get information from the RM is done in a separate thread from the main Moab process. This allows Moab to remain responsive during the query and ultimately reduces the time spent in a scheduling cycle. If multiple RMs are being used the effect can be more significant because all RMs will be queried in parallel.


Additional Consideration:



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