What are the meanings of the fields returned by the "mstats" command.


The statistics for mstats are labeled with cryptic names, and are not descriptive

Affected Version: 

All currently supported releases


Running the mstats --xml command provides a lot of statistics, but no descriptions.


The following list of fields should provide this information


Field ID Field Description
ABP Job weighted average bypass count, Bypass / JC
APS active job proc-seconds remaining
AQT Job weighted average qtime, TotalQTS / JC
ATAPH average time queued PH ?
ATQPH average time queued PH ?
AXF PS weighted average xfactor, PSXFactor / PSRun
GCAJobs current active jobs
GPHAvl total processor hours- @see mstat_t.TotalPHAvailable -- processor hours available
GPHDed total processor hours dedicated - @see mstat_t.TotalPHDed
GPHSuc proc hours dedicated to jobs which have successfully completed
GPHUtl total processor hours used - @see mstat_t.TotalPHBusy
IC number of iterations contributing to record
IMEM idle mem
INC idle node count
IPC idle proc count
MBP maximum bypass count
MinEffIteration mininum efficiency iteration
MQT max queuetime of finished jobs, MAX(QT[J]) -- max queue wait time
MXF max xfactor
RMPI RM poll interval
SCJC successful completed job count
StartTime most recent time job started execution
statInitTime date stats were initialized
TJA total job accuracy
TJC total jobs finished during period, |J| -> JC
TMSA total memory-seconds (MB * sec) available
TMSD total memory-seconds (MB * sec) dedicated
TMSU total memory-seconds (MB * sec) utilized
TNJA total node weighted job accuracy
TNJC node weighted finished job count, SUM(NC[J]) -- total allocated node count (only updated on job completion)
TPSD per iteration -- total proc-seconds (proc * sec) dedicated
TPSE proc-seconds executed associated w/completed jobs (WallRunTime*PC) -- total proc-seconds (proc * sec) executed
TPSR proc-seconds requested associated w/completed jobs (WallReqTime*PC) -- total proc-seconds (proc * sec) requested
TPSU per iteration -- total proc-seconds (proc * sec) utilized
TStartJC S->StartJC (field 50) -- jobs started this interval
TStartPC S->StartPC -- proc-weighted jobs started this interval (avg job pc = TStartPC / TStartJC)
TStartQT S->StartQT -- total queuetime of jobs started this interval (avgqt = TStartQT / TStartJC)
TStartXF S->StartXF -- total xfactor of jobs started this interval (avgxf = TStartXF / TStartJC)
TSubmitJC S->SubmitJC -- jobs submitted this interval
TSubmitPH S->SubmitPH -- proc-hours submitted this interval (avg job ph = TSubmitPH / TSubmitJC)
UPN up node count


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