How do I prevent users from seeing sensitive information in the moab.cfg?

Issue:  Users need to have read access to the moab.cfg to be able to run client commands.  The moab.cfg contains information that users shouldn't see about other users or groups.  How do I prevent them from seeing sensitive information while still allowing them to access the moab.cfg to run commands?


Solution:  In your moab.cfg you can tell it to read in other files with additional configuration information.  These files don't have to be readable by end users.  If you put the sensitive information in a file called 'hidden.cfg' then you can change the permissions on that file to only allow the moab user to read it.  In the moab.cfg you would include a line that tells it to read the contends of hidden.cfg:

#INCLUDE hidden.cfg

The '#' in front does not comment out the line, but is necessary for moab to recognize the parameter. 

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