How to see the scripts of completed jobs

Question: We'd like to see the script a job ran after it has already finished, and/or the full path to the original script



1) For msub jobs: before a job completes, and for the length of JOBCPURGETIME after it completes (default = 5 minutes), checkjob -v -v will include a "Job submission section which will include the #PBS resource manager directives (#MSUB lines get converted to #PBS) and script lines. It will not include the script name (or path to the script).


2) In Torque, you may add "record_job_info=True" and "record_job_script=True" in qmgr. (See Appendix B: Server Parameters in the Torque Administrator Guide for your version). Enabling record_job_info will cause pbs_server to periodically write job information to /var/spool/torque/job_logs/<YYYYMMDD> (or <TORQUEHOME>/job_logs>, if using a non-default configuration directory, as specified via the --with-server-home=<DIR> configure option) after keep_completed time (defined in qmgr, default = 300 seconds) has transpired. record_job_info will add the job script text to the job log, too.

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