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What are common things to look at when troubleshooting datawarp?


Issue: What are common things to look at when troubleshooting datawarp?



Doubble check that "JOBMIGRATEPOLICY" is set to  "JUSTINTIME". If this is set to  "IMMEDIATE" then datawarp will not work correctly.  "IMMEDIATE" is not compatible with datawarp.

If that does not help fix the issue, then look over the following things in your environment.
- $MOABHOMEDIR/etc/moab.cfg
- $MOABHOMEDIR/etc/datawarp.ini
- $MOABHOMEDIR/log/ac_datawarp.log
- $MOABHOMEDIR/log/ac_dw_resource_manager.log
- ~user/ac_datawarp.log (this is in the user home directory used to submit moab jobs)
- mdiag -R -v output
- mdiag -n -v output
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