How to keep Moab statistical data when migrating to a new server


We have plans to migrate Moab to a new host server, but we would like to avoid losing our historical stats. What's required to bring that over?



Moab retains statistics in two places:

1) The checkpoint file ($MOABHOMEDIR/ contains aggregate stats.

2) The $MOABHOMEDIR/stats directory contains profiling stats (e.g., turned on with ENABLEPROFILING=TRUE on NODECFG[DEFAULT], USERCFG[DEFAULT], etc.).

Moab accesses both with the showstats command (depending on the options provided).

For a completely new, clean installation on a new host, those can be copied from the old server to the new one (being sure to stop the daemon). The files should still work between versions, but of course always make sure to have good backups, and confirm that showstats displays the right information before going live on production with the new installation.

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2016-08-20 03:11
Rick McKay
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