How do I use the script to upload site information?


When Adaptive Computing needs information to diagnose a problem, it's important support and development personnel have configuration and logs available to investigate the problem(s).  This can be a lot of data, which would be difficult to gather manually.  Fortunately, it's been simplified. 


When Moab is installed, there is a tool directory that contains the script "".  This script will bundle up all of the information, and attempt to upload it to Adaptive Computing's ssh server, which is securely configured to protect your information. 

Note:  If you are asked to provide specific higher-level logs, you may need to elevate the log level(s).  Refer to this KB articial for how to accomplish that:

The way you use the script depends on whether or not your Moab server has internet access. 

NOTE:  The script must be run as root in order to collect all the information we might need!

If your Moab/Torque server can access the Internet:

On that server, run the command, providing the Salesforce ticket number after the "-t" (replace the "<tkt-no>" string in the examples below):

$MOABHOMEDIR/tools/ -t <tkt-no>

It will package up the information, then prompt for a password.  Use "hello" (without the quotes).  The information is uploaded to our support server, but only Adaptive people will have access to it. 

If your Moab/Torque server cannot access the internet:

This case is only a little more complicated.  Add the "-n" option in front of the "-t" like so:

$MOABHOMEDIR/tools/ -n -t <tkt-no>

It this case, the script will create a file you can manually copy to a server that does have internet access, then upload the file from there.  Assuming the file was named "myserver.12345.tar.gz", copy it to a server that has Internet access, then on to our support server, using the same password, like this: 

scp myserver.12345.tar.gz

If you're asked to provide MOM logs, those can be copied from <torque-home>/mom_logs in the same manner.  Please make a copy of the log file, rename the copy to include the ticket number, and gzip the file.  It's then copied using an scp command similar to the example above.

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