Files evaluated by mdiag -C, and dynamic parameters versus those requiring a Moab restart


What files does mdiag -C evaluate, and which parameter changes require a restart of Moab to go into effect?



mdiag -C evaluates:

1. moab.cfg

2. moab.dat

3. The settings in the files of any #INCLUDE lines specified in either of the above files.

4. You can change most Moab settings immediately with "mschedctl -m <config>" (see note below).  Check the mschedctl -m documentation for a list of settings that require a Moab restart to go into effect:


Important points to keep in mind:

* Configuration changes made from within Moab Cluster Manager get written to moab.dat.

* Configuration changes performed via mschedctl -m --flags=persistent will get written to both moab.cfg and moab.dat. The settings in moab.cfg supercede anything in moab.dat. However, removing a setting from moab.cfg will cause any duplicate setting in moab.dat to get loaded by Moab on startup. Hence, to completely remove a setting (and restore Moab's default), make sure to remove it from moab.dat, too, if you have that file. For this reason, Support discourages the use of --flags=persistent. For settings that require a restart, you should manually edit moab.cfg and recycle. For those that do not require a restart, you should simply use mschedctl -m, and also put the edit into moab.cfg if you wish for the change to persist after subsequent restarts.

* The output of mdiag -C does not necessarily reflect the settings in effect in the currently actively Moab process, because the command reads the configuration files directly. In other words, manual edits of the configuration file made since the last Moab startup/recycle will display in the output of mdiag -C, even though those changes will not take effect until the next restart of Moab. To check for the current value of most configured parameters, run mschedctl -l -v (or showconfig -v). (If you cannot find a setting's current value, check with Adaptive Support. Some only show up via other client commands.)


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