Is there a recommendation on backing up or purging the General stats database?

Issue: The general stats database has grown to a large size and we need to backup, or purge old data. Is there a recommended way to do this?


Currently we do not have an automated way to do this. Each site handles the data differently. For example. 

Everything has a timestamp so you could only keep the database entries that you care about. You can archive all the old data by recreating the table and copying over the stats entries you wish to backup. You could delete everything or you can only delete before a certain date. 

You could a;sp create a new database and duplicate the table. Then you can select and insert the data from the production one to the backup database. You could also do a sql dump to a file. The main question here is do you need Moab to run queries against the data (allow Moab to have access to the old data)? If yes they you will just need to keep it all around without archiving. However, if you no longer need Moab to access the data then you are free to archive/drop it. 


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2016-08-08 16:35
Jason Booth
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