11515 ERROR MLicense 'nodename' does not report socket/gpu/mic information. It cannot be licensed


The error describing the fact that a node cannot be licensed is a result of using the incorrect license when the product is installed with cgroups  disabled. Typically versions of Moab 9.1.x or newer are assigned RLM licenses, but, if the customer has opted to install the product with cgroups disabled , the RLM license will fail  and resulting in the following error message:


2018-02-12T16:02:36.205-0500 11515 ERROR MLicense.c:CheckNodeCPULimit:2020 0x2100aa61 node:nodename Node 'nodename' does not report socket/gpu/mic information. It cannot be licensed.

The solution to this problem is simply to obtain a Legacy type license once it has been confirmed that cgroups will be disabled.


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2018-03-01 21:14
Ruben Glamyan
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