Error about .moab.key when running init.d script.

Problem:  I am able to run Moab commands and have them use the .moab.key file correctly.  When the init.d script runs the same commands it complains about not being able to find the key file.

[root@server01 ~]# service moab stop
Shutting down moab: ERROR: server rejected request - could not authenticate client using .moab.key
ERROR: remote server rejected request, message 'no signature value specified' (hostname:port=server01:42559)
[ OK ]

Solution:  This is probably due to the mschedctl command not being able to reach the mauth binary.  The init.d script needs to have the MOABHOMEDIR defined correctly and the prefix needs to be set to the correct value.  The PATH also needs to point to the directory where the mauth binary is located.  If the 'mschedctl' command in the script can't call 'mauth' you will see the error about not being able to authenticate with the key.  You can add a line in the script to set the path:

export PATH=/opt/moab/bin:/opt/moab/sbin:$PATH

If using a shell oher than bash you can change the syntax for setting the PATH appropriately. 

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Ben Roberts
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