What attributes are supported with a fairshare tree?

Issue: What attribues are supported with a fairshare tree?


Fairshare trees are a great way to to compartmentalize credentials and priority. They are also a great way to have 1 user be part of two projects but still keep the users fairshare seperate depending on the project they work on.


Supported attributes for tnodes:


  • partition
  • name
  • type
  • share
  • qlist
  • adef
  • limits


partition : the name of the partition this tnode should be part of

name : the name of the tnode attribute. If this is used with a partition then this name should always be "root".

type : Can be user,acct


share : is the share amount. Note this can be any number e.g. 1-100 or 1-2500.


qlist : This is the list of qoses that are part of this tnode credential


adef : The defined / default account part of this tnode credential.


limits : These are limit part of the tnode credential. Currently only

<tnode partition="slave1" name="root" type="acct" share="100" limits="MAXJOB=6">
   <tnode name="accta" type="acct" share="50" limits="MAXSUBMITJOBS=2 MAXJOB=1">
      <tnode name="fred" type="user" share="1" limits="MAXWC=1:00:00">
   <tnode name="acctb" type="acct" share="50" limits="MAXSUBMITJOBS=4 MAXJOB=3">
      <tnode name="george" type="user" share="1" >
<tnode partition="slave2" name="root" type="acct" share="100" limits="MAXSUBMITJOBS=6 MAXJOB=5">
   <tnode name="accta" type="acct" share="50">
      <tnode name="paul" type="user" share="1">
   <tnode name="acctb" type="acct" share="50">
      <tnode name="ringo" type="user" share="1">

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