Cannot release hold on job

Issue: Attempts to release holds with qrls return no message, and do nothing, and attempts to release holds with mjobctl -u say:

"holds not modified for job 123456 (hold still in place)

However, checkjob will report that the job can run.


Solution: This is one possible reason for the problem: when submitting with a slot limit (e.g., qsub -t 0-10%2), Torque will refuse to let more jobs run beyond the specified slot limit (two, in this example).

As of the writing of this article (September 2015, Torque 5.0.2 & 5.1.1), the only way to really know the cause is to notice the slot limit indicator (e.g., -t 0-99%1) on the submit_args line of qstat -f for the array job. However, this will not display if the -t option was specified via a #PBS directive in the job script. These issues have been reported to Engineering, to be addressed in future releases.

Update: starting with Torque versions 6.0.3 and 6.1.2, qstat -f includes the slot limit indicator on the "job_array_request" line.


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